Article VI: Government

Section 1

The PDFA Board shall be comprised of the elected Executive Council.

Section 2

The Executive Council shall perform the duties prescribed by the Constitution and Bylaws of the PDFA including duties listed for their respective position in those bylaws. The elected Executive positions shall be, in order of rank among equals:


who shall serve as the primary representative of the PDFA membership and possess discretionary residual powers over matters that are not specifically governed by the Bylaws of the PDFA.

Vice-President Academic

who shall serve as the primary point of contact for the membership, assess the impressions of the functioning of the PDFA from the membership and promote the PDFA and its interests to people and organizations internal to the University.

Vice-President Communications

who shall communicate the affairs of the PDFA to the membership and beyond.

Vice-President Social

who shall be responsible for promoting and enhancing social events among membership.

Vice-President Finance

who shall supervise all financial transactions of the PDFA.

At-Large members (4 in total)

who shall perform duties prescribed by the Constitution and Bylaws of the PDFA.