Article IV: Membership

Section 1: Active Member

A member of the PDFA shall be a person currently associated at the University of Alberta, or its affiliated research institutes, and registered as a postdoctoral fellow with the Postdoctoral Fellows Office at the University of Alberta. Membership shall continue until reclassification of the member. A member shall be conferred the title of Active Member and referenced herein as “member”. Members shall have the right to attend any meeting, run for a PDFA Executive position, volunteer for any number of Subcommittee positions and join committees.

Section 2: Associate Member

Upon the signed recommendation of one member, and seconded by another member and by a majority vote at a PDFA Executive meeting, an associate membership may be conferred upon any individual. Associate membership shall be a one (1) year appointment that shall begin at the close of that meeting. The rights and privileges of an associate member shall be governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of the PDFA; however, an associate member may not speak at a meeting, may not vote, may not join committees and may not hold a PDFA Executive position. An associate member may speak at a meeting as conferred by a majority vote of the PDFA Executive.