Article III: Mission Statement

  1. To raise awareness at the University of Alberta of the contributions and experiences of postdoctoral fellows.
  2. To ensure a rewarding postdoctoral experience at the University of Alberta while helping postdoctoral fellows maximize their research output.

This two-part mission will be implemented through the following specific goals: advocating for PDF interests, harnessing university professional resources, and enabling a vibrant social community.

Section 1: Advocacy:

Provide a representative voice within University forums for issues of particular relevance to PDFs by

  • Supporting improved access to university facilities, benefits, and resources.
  • Ensuring that the practices of campus facilities recognize and accommodate PDFs.
  • Identifying and bringing forward concerns of PDFs to the appropriate University bodies.

Section 2: Professional Resources:

Foster an effective training environment that meets the specific career related needs of the postdoctoral community by

  • Helping to disseminate relevant information about scholarly training, professional development, and funding opportunities.                 
  • Promoting the arrangement of training courses to meet the career-related needs of PDFs.
  • Encouraging fruitful intellectual exchange within the postdoctoral community and with other members of the University.

Section 3: Social Community

Promote collaboration and establish active social and professional interaction amongst the UofA postdoctoral community by

  • Welcoming incoming PDFs by providing helpful information and social contacts.
  • Working in close partnership with other University Associations and Councils to co-sponsor events.
  • Organizing social events, including picnics, trips, hikes, pizza parties, etc.